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From: J Burgeson (hoss_radbourne@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 13:28:31 EDT

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    >>What seems to be needed is some sort of cirriculum for a Sunday
    School-type class that incorporates that type of explanation of evolutionary
    theory with a polite but well-reasoned refutation of the typical YEC
    misinformation AND a thoughtful study of the relevant scriptures.>>

    To repeat what I have mentioned before, Loren Haarsma's site contains
    exactly that. And George Murphy's recent book is another good source; a SS
    class could easily be constructed aroung it.

    I will be conducting such a class myself here in Denver for 5 weeks starting
    next January. At this point I do not know which of the two approaches I will
    use, or whather I will invent one of my own. The people at my church are
    generally knowledgeable about modern science, and if there are any YECs
    among us I do not know of them.

    Hoss (aka Burgy)


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