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From: Freeman, Louise Margaret (lfreeman@mbc.edu)
Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 09:51:47 EDT

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    > An overall result of the NSF study is that science education &
    >scientific literacy in the US is, in a word, bad. I think that the
    >state of science education is an important social issue that churches
    >should be addressing.

    I having just read Miller's Finding Darwin's God and being half-way through
    Pennock's "Tower of Babel." I couldn't agree more. (Your book is next on my
    list, George!) What seems to be needed is some sort of cirriculum for a Sunday
    School-type class that incorporates that type of explanation of evolutionary
    theory with a polite but well-reasoned refutation of the typical YEC
    misinformation AND a thoughtful study of the relevant scriptures. (Add a slick
    video presentaion and a guarentee of weight loss and babies sleeping through
    the night and you might have yourself a best seller! :)

    > A related issue: Some may reply that the answer to bad science
    >education is home schooling. But that prompts another question: What
    >fraction of kids who are being home schooled are being taught some
    >variant of creation science or ID?

    Of ones that are being home-schooled primarily for religious reasons, probably
    a lot. How many well-meaning home-schooling parents are finding nothing but
    that in the Christian-based materials being marketed to them? Until
    evolutionists get better at presented their science as complementary to rather
    than in opposition to a Christian worldview, homeschooling parents will have
    little incentive to seek out such materials for their children.


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