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Date: Sun May 19 2002 - 23:14:48 EDT

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    Hi Glenn,

    Sorry, I was out for the weekend and may be in the field for the next few
    days, so I may not be able to respond again until toward the end of the

    On Fri, 17 May 2002 06:06:58 -0700 "Glenn Morton"
    <> writes:
    > The pics are at:
    > Bill, what about these photos proves a global flood? I see nothing.
    > you are correct that there are 2 views on the origin of
    > (in place) and allochthonouse (drifted in). I beleive both mechanisms
    > even today. So why should this prove a global flood?

    Glenn, you are demonstrating a remarkable proclivity to ignore or dismiss
    empirical data that doesn't fit with your model, which by the way is OK
    since I do the same thing with ease. The question you have always
    managed to dodge over the years is whether the data points to transported
    organics or in situ deposits. As you know, the geology textbooks are
    united in their presentation of the swamp nature of the Carboniferous
    coals. Now, please tell us, based upon the photos you have posted for
    me, do these photos suggest a swamp or transported organics???

    It is important that we answer this one basic question before we move on
    to the next. Please don't continue to leapfrog over the data and jump to
    your conclusion that there was no global flood. Whether there was a
    global flood or not is not the question. The question is: How do you
    interpret this empirical data? If you say it represents a swamp deposit
    you must furnish evidence from either these photos or from other sources.
      If you say that these deposits look transported, you have broken ranks
    with prevailing thought in geology. Please answer the question:
    transported or swamp???


    > By the way, the StigmarianAxialRoot.jpg looks like my long lost
    > backbone.
    > When my company promotes people to manager they remove the spine.
    > :-)
    > glenn
    > see
    > for lots of creation/evolution information
    > anthropology/geology/paleontology/theology\
    > personal sto

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