Re: Science, Women, and Paul

Date: Sat May 18 2002 - 23:49:26 EDT

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    Hi George,

    Thanks for discussing this subject matter with me. Though you have me a bit
    confused. You seem to be saying that it appears that Paul rebuked those who
    opposed women teachers at least once but that he taught the same things
    himself at other times.

    One thing you wrote on a somewhat unrelated subject has me curious.

    You wrote: Acts 15:29 is not simply "helpful suggestion". In particular, the
    requirement to abstain from blood was understood to be part of God's covenant
    with Noah, and thus binding on all people - in distinction from the
    regulations of torah which were only binding on Israel.

    JWs use that argument for banning blood transfusions. They say "God banned
    blood to Noah after the flood so that ban applies to all people since all are
    people on earth are Noah's descendants." Do you believe that all people on
    earth are Noah's descendants? If you do I believe you are mistaken. For, as
    Davis Young writes in his book The Biblical Flood, 'It is simply no longer
    tenable to insist that a deluge drowned every human on the face of the globe
    except Noah's family. ... All the relevant evidence from the created order
    tells us that the flood was neither geographically nor anthropologically


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