Re: Science, Women, and Paul

Date: Sat May 18 2002 - 19:31:51 EDT

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    Hi Gordon,

    Thanks for your input on Greek pronouns. I'll verify what you say is fully
    applicable in all the cases to which I have referred to in this discussion.
    However, even if what you say turns out to prove that the pronoun "I" should
    be understood every time Paul was quoting false teachers, that will only show
    that he was quoting the written opinion of one writer, which was probably the
    case anyway.

    You wrote: I Timothy 3 gives qualifications for male overseers but not
    female, but it also lists qualifications for both male and female deacons
    (See vs. 11), which might indicate that women were eligible for one of these
    offices but not the other.

    It might. But I think the evidence, both biblical and extrabiblical, shows
    that women held both offices in the early church. So I think this must be an
    incorrect assumption.

    I always value your comments.


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