Re: Science, Women, and Paul

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Date: Sat May 18 2002 - 18:13:02 EDT

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    I don't have the time that you apparently do to send long messages, and so
    I won't comment on most of what you wrote, but there are a couple of
    things that I particularly wanted to comment on.

    New Testament Greek did not normally use pronoun subjects since the
    person and number of the subject can be determined from the ending of the
    verb. Thus when the translators use I rather than we, it is because the
    verb ending is first person singular and not first person plural. It is
    not the choice of the translator. It is simply an accurate rendering of
    the Greek.

    I Timothy 3 gives qualifications for male overseers but not female, but it
    also lists qualifications for both male and female deacons (See vs. 11),
    which might indicate that women were eligible for one of these offices but
    not the other.

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