Re: Science, Women, and Paul

Date: Sat May 18 2002 - 12:56:35 EDT

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    Dear Sondra,

    You wrote:

    That post was awesome! Thank you for taking the time to write it.

    I wanted to ask you if I may share it with some folks? In print and on
    another e-group. I would also like to give a copy to my pastor.
    I am so glad you took the time to explain these very perplexing verses, to
    me especially. They have always bothered me, my spirit told me there was
    something wrong with this picture, but I never knew why.
    Even how you started it; I have always wondered why he made me so outspoken,
    and gave me the gifts he did, if I was to live in silence and humble
    submission because I was born a girl. Whenever I used to read it it used to
    make me sad, like divine discrimination. Thank you again.



    Thanks. I'm glad I could help. Sure, feel free to share it with whoever you
    wish. But please leave my name and E mail address attached. Maybe someone
    will contact me about publishing it somewhere other than just the Net.

    Your brother in Christ,


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