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From: Stuart d Kirkley (
Date: Fri May 17 2002 - 14:56:01 EDT

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      Hello Sondra,
    Your questions are thought provoking. I guess you need to determine
    whether you can explain eternity and infinity in physical terms or
    through spiritual ideas. The physical universe is, by it's very
    definitiion, finite, so it is hard to conceive of eternity as
    existing there. Where does eternity exist then? Heaven is often
    thought of as existing in eternity, but I don't think rational
    thinking will allow that heaven is a physical location. What is it
    then? I feel that it is a divine state of mind that is accessible in
    the here and now, not some future world destination that can only be
    found after one dies. If it is a divine state of mind, then eternity
    must also be a part of this mind. We must admit that time is a human
    construct. If you remove time from the equation of reality, you are
    left with an infinite stillness in the infinitude of Now. Yes, there
    is movement there, but it is the movement of moments, not of time,
    and moments can be thought of as thoughts, or ideas, d!
    ing on the consciousness. Paul declared, that we 'live and move and
    have our being' in God (Acts 17:28). The scriptures repeatedly refer
    to God as Spirit, so, from Pauls declaration, it would follow that we
    have our being in Spirit, or God. If you view the concept of eternity
    from this standpoint, it is easier to discern eternity as a
    spiritual quality of God, as the forever unfolding of spiritual ideas
    and their fulfillment, which emanate from the one true source of
    being, Spirit, or God. An understanding of this reveals the validity
    of my previous statement, that heaven is a divine state of mind. Paul
    also said to 'let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus'
    (Phil2:5). Clearly he is implying that this is a present possibility,
    to have the same spirituality, or mind, as Christ Jesus. If heaven is
    a spiritual state of being, or state of mind, then if we are able to
    follow Pauls injunction, and if we recognise Christ as being the
    highest state of mind yet known, !
    n we too can experience the heavenly bliss of spiritual eternity in
    the here and now.

    Stuart Kirkley



    On Wed, 15 May 2002 10:43:16 Sondra Brasile wrote: > > >Now I want to ask you guys a question I have been wondering about a long >time. If eternity as we understand it goes on forever in all directions, it >would probably cross this timeline we are in now, at least once, right? Plus >wouldn't we be there, in eternity, right now in some way shape or form, >since it doesn't have a beginning and doesn't have an end? So, this may >explain the predestination/free will question and "knowing us before the >foundations of the world", right? Do you think there is any interaction >between ourselves in eternity(heaven) and ourselves here now (dejavu's and >stuff)? >Also, Do you guys think that our resurrected bodies will be these same >bodies, just without sin? Like, since Jesus still had the marks of >crucifiction, will I still have the scar on my ankle per se? Do you think >our brains, being bigger than what is thought to be used here, is for use >then? This could also explain deja vu's and other unexplained stuff, >couldn't it? > >Thanks, >Sondra > >_________________________________________________________________ >MSN Photos is the easiest way to share and print your photos: > >

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