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From: Kamilla Ludwig (
Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 15:22:12 EDT

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    > > Thanks Shu, I sometimes wonder why people make such a big deal
    > > about
    > > something that people have no control over.
    I am sure the pedophile priests and folks like Jeffrey Dahmer would
    agree. Fred Phelps, too.
    > Seems to me there are
    > > much
    > > more pressing issues in the world.
    More pressing than informing folks they are pursuing a lifestyle
    with a lowered life expectancy of up to 30 years?
    > Besides, the TEN commandments
    > > which
    > > are the ONLY things in the bible etched in stone refer to adultery
    > > NOT
    > > homosexuality.
    Ah, the new method of exegesis. If it ain't written in stone, throw
    it out.
    > Seems to me people in the church never reference a
    > > good
    > > chunk of folks in church who have been, or currently are in an
    > > adulterous
    > > situation.
    This might be true of some people in the church. Others in the
    church do focus on the sexual sin of heterosexuals. I could even
    refer you to a minister or two who won't marry heterosexual couples
    that are sexually active.
    > Maybe conservative folks need to focus their energy on
    > > hunger,
    > > war, famine, poverty etc than whom one finds to love in this
    > world.
    > > Especially after 9/11, these conservative folks need to BACK OFF
    > > and
    > > think about more important things,
    Yep. Now I am certain Goeghan, Shanley and their fellow pedophiles
    would agree. NAMBLA's already signed on to a similar agenda.

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