Re: Archaeology and Mormonism (incidental to liberal theology)

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Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 16:48:44 EDT

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    A brilliant and serious comment Glenn. I frequently have to deal with the

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    > Moorad wrote:
    > >Does anyone take seriously any claims made in the Book of Mormons
    > >regarding historical or archeological events? Moorad
    > I waited a day to see if anyone would stand up for this book. It appears
    > that everyone believes it is historically and archaeologically false.
    > Therefore, it must teach great truths about God and his dealings with
    > people. That is my one-liner for today.
    > Have a nice day. I won't respond cause I want people to merely think about
    > the above illogic as applied to other religious books.
    > glenn
    > see
    > for lots of creation/evolution information
    > anthropology/geology/paleontology/theology\
    > personal stories of struggle

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