RE: A 2350 BC Middle Eastern cosmic blast?

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Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 22:17:21 EDT

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    Hi Mike,

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    >You wrote: Sadly, from your reaction here, I suspect you will continue to
    >claim she is
    >correct and possibly start claiming that I am ignoring the 'facts' of this
    >supposed 'major mystery'.
    >No, I wont. I much appreciated your answer. It makes sense to me.
    >The answer
    >to the "mystery" she speaks of is most likely quite similar to the solution
    >you describe.

    I am delighted to be proved wrong here. Thanks for doing it.


    >Though Velikovsky was certainly not playing with a full deck, I do
    >not think
    >it is wise for us to reject any and all suggestions that, sometime in the
    >past 5,000 years, some nations of people may have been greatly
    >affected by a
    >cosmically induced cataclysm. I think the flood of Noah's day may have been
    >such an event. The wording of the Epic of Gilgamesh seems to indicate that
    >was the case. My mind remains open to this possibility. However, I
    >think you
    >are most likely correct about Courty's article. The "mysterious" layer she
    >speaks of was probably laid down by forces no more exotic than those which
    >were responsible for the ash deposit your oil rig ran into.

    I absolutely agree that one can't automatically reject as spurious anything
    a YEC or Velikovskian say. That would be an ad hominem argument and is why
    I specifically said in my note that 'it might be correct'. In cases like
    these, I always go get further verification of the idea presented.

    Thanks for making my day by proving me wrong.


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