RE: What is "natural" anyway?

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Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 12:25:12 EDT

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    The odd thing about the natural law argument is that two can play that game.
    Consider the bonobo, close relative of Man. They have been found to engage
    in casual sex of every description, htero and homosexual. Read about them at

    In light of this, perhaps Kamilla may want to modify her appeal to what is "
    natural' as an argument about human sexuality.

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    In response to my note about death statistics in pregnancy, Kamilla wrote:

    >So? It is an illegitimate move to equate the propagation of the species
    >with buggery.

    Kamilla, I didn't make any comparison with buggery. I merely pointed out
    that Tim was correct with pregnancy. Don't go further than that. If yo want
    to counter Tim, get a better argument than than the one you used.


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