FW: FW: What does a liberal think?

From: Shuan Rose (shuanr@boo.net)
Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 12:00:10 EDT

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    This from my brother. Forwarded without comment.

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    Thanks Shu, I sometimes wonder why people make such a big deal about
    something that people have no control over. Seems to me there are much
    more pressing issues in the world. Besides, the TEN commandments which
    are the ONLY things in the bible etched in stone refer to adultery NOT
    homosexuality. Seems to me people in the church never reference a good
    chunk of folks in church who have been, or currently are in an adulterous
    situation. Maybe conservative folks need to focus their energy on hunger,
    war, famine, poverty etc than whom one finds to love in this world.
    Especially after 9/11, these conservative folks need to BACK OFF and
    think about more important things, Okay I have ranted enough, hope all is
    well, lets talk later this week so we can catch up, okay, Love, G. Oh, if
    there are any such folks you want to forward this ranting to, don't
    hesitate to do so. Another book that addresses this and other issues and
    is a really good read is THE GOOD BOOK by Peter Gomes.

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