Re: A 2350 BC Middle Eastern cosmic blast?

Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 03:00:29 EDT

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    Hello Glen,

    You wrote: Sadly, from your reaction here, I suspect you will continue to
    claim she is
    correct and possibly start claiming that I am ignoring the 'facts' of this
    supposed 'major mystery'.

    No, I wont. I much appreciated your answer. It makes sense to me. The answer
    to the "mystery" she speaks of is most likely quite similar to the solution
    you describe.

    I ran across her article by typing "2350 BC" and "Middle East" into a search
    engine. I was not aware the site which has posted her article is a
    "Velikovskian site." That being the case, it certainly does not do much to
    recommend her article. However, as I just browsed the site I did come across
    a couple articles containing sound scholarship in areas not related to
    catastrophism. One article dealing with Babylonian and Assyrian history was
    written by Carl Olof Jonsson, who I know to be a very highly respected expert
    in that field of study. I also know he rejects young earth creationism and is
    an advocate of a local flood which he dates, like most others, at about 2900
    BC. So the site is not totally "chock full of nuts."

    Though Velikovsky was certainly not playing with a full deck, I do not think
    it is wise for us to reject any and all suggestions that, sometime in the
    past 5,000 years, some nations of people may have been greatly affected by a
    cosmically induced cataclysm. I think the flood of Noah's day may have been
    such an event. The wording of the Epic of Gilgamesh seems to indicate that
    was the case. My mind remains open to this possibility. However, I think you
    are most likely correct about Courty's article. The "mysterious" layer she
    speaks of was probably laid down by forces no more exotic than those which
    were responsible for the ash deposit your oil rig ran into.

    Thanks again for your answer.


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