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From: JW Burgeson (
Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 17:51:57 EDT

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    >>This is a review of Michael Ruse's book " Can a
    > Darwinian be a Christian?"

    Blake: I've not read the book yet -- I probably will. I met Ruse at the NTSE
    and was struck by his civility, gentlemanliness and acceptance of a
    colleague who was a Christian. He said of this person that he "clearly loved
    his Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, and it showed." This from a person quite
    definitely (according to his own words) outside the Christian faith.

    WIth all this, I am somewhat skeptical that Ruse understand Xtianity well
    enough to make sense in his book. But I'll give him the chance to prove me
    wrong when I read it.


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