RE: Archaeology and Mormonism (incidental to liberal theology)

Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 15:25:23 EDT

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    Does anyone take seriously any claims made in the Book of Mormons
    regarding historical or archeological events? Moorad

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    David wrote:
    >Actually, I believe some of the oldest New World archaeological sites
    >do have horse remains. However, these are not domestic horses, and
    >the native horses, along with many other large animals, were wiped
    >out long before the time period claimed for the Book of Mormon.
    >Several other types of Old World animals were also claimed to have
    >been found in the New World in the Book of Mormon. Thus, the book of
    >Mormon is biogeographically inaccurate, whereas the taxa mentioned in
    >the Bible actually occurred in ancient Palestine (though many are now

    I agree that there were horses here 10,000 years ago as the Native Americans
    began to colonize this continent. But, I stand by my claim that there were
    no horses prior to Columbus in North America which were co-temporal with the
    events of the Book of Mormon which occur post 600 BC. Horses went extinct
    around 10,000 years ago. Thus, its claims that there were chariots (which
    haven't been found and are unlikely due to the failure of Native Americans
    to invent the wheel), are false because there were no horses to draw the
    chariots either.


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