RE: A 2350 BC Middle Eastern cosmic blast?

From: Glenn Morton (
Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 22:59:04 EDT

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    The article Mike cited says:
    "It has been however impossible to find typical tephra shards in sites
    located at a few km around the one with the tephra deposit The restricted
    occurrence of the later suggests that the massive tephra accumulation can no
    longer be considered as a typical fallout derived from the dispersion of
    material from a terrestrial volcanic explosion. Analytical investigations in
    various directions have been unable, so far, to refute or confirm that a
    cosmic event would have been the cause for production of both the widely
    distributed mysterious particles and the localised thick tephra. Origin of
    this mysterious phenomena still remains unsolved. "

    Cosmic events don't dump tephra in a localized region. Indeed, they don't
    dump tephra at all. Tephra is a volcanic ash and has little to do with
    meteors or cosmic phenomenon.


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