RE: What is "natural" anyway?

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Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 22:21:20 EDT

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    Kamilla wrote:
    >Nice try, Tim. But pregnancy isn't inherently risky - it may well be for
    >some but clearly is not so for all. It also confers certain
    >protections, especially if a woman has her first child before the age of

    This is written from a modern perspective where we have all sorts of medical
    support. In the past, things were much more difficult.

    " Life has always been severe in this region. Studies of
    mummified human remains from several different early
    cultures, ranging from 1300 B.C. to A.D. 1400, show that
    fifteen percent of the women had died in childbirth or
    immediately post-partum." Christopher Wills, The Children of Prometheus,
    (Reading, Mass: Perseus Books, 1998), p. 63-64

    Even today it is claimed that 600,000 women each year die in childbirth

    And another Reuters report says 1 million die each year:
    "In Somalia, he said, 1 of every 7 women dies in childbirth;
    in the Ivory Coast it is 1 of every 14, in Bolivia 1 out of
    every 26 women and in Morocco 1 out of every 33. In comparison,
    1 of every 3,500 women dies in childbirth in the United States
    and in Israel the figure is 1 out of every 4,000. "


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