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Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 12:00:28 EDT

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    --- Shuan Rose <> wrote:
    > This is a review of Michael Ruse's book " Can a
    > Darwinian be a Christian?"
    > Has there a been any comments or eviews of this book
    > by ASA (I couldn't find
    > anthing on the website).

    I read this review and wondered if he and I read the
    same book. Coyne makes it seem as if Ruse is some
    sort of Christian apologist. Ruse is as fundamental
    of a materialist (and I assume atheist) as they come.
    So, I found it perplexing the degree to which Coyne
    tried to paint him as an apologist who suffered from
    just plain fuzzy thinking.

    I think deep down Coyne's problem is with Christian
    theology, which he doesn't understand but Ruse at
    least does. As Ruse once said about Dawkins, "He's
    pig ignorant about Christian theology."

    I find it somewhat amusing to see one materialist
    trying to tar and feather another because they are
    essentially not intolerant enough of Christian
    theology and truth claims.

    Anyone read the book and the review as well?
    Comments, thoughts?

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