Gay gene?

From: Sondra Brasile (
Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 10:32:17 EDT

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    Wow, this discussion is getting graphic. All of you have brought up good
    points. I guess what it boils down to is we don't know, so maybe we better
    not judge and pray for a miracle for each individual person "predisposed". I
    thought it was interesting what my 17 yr. old son said about it last night;
    I was talking to him about the discussion and after a while he said, "maybe
    it's a genetic defect, like a disease but it just makes you sexually
    attracted to the wrong people, this wouldn't make it acceptable any more
    than we would encourage people who have any other disease, like lupus....we
    don't encourage the disease, we try to cure it. The "suffering" isn't any
    worse than a person dying or just afflicted for life of an incurable
    disease, what about the elephant man?" I brought up the question of
    loneliness and gay people being sentenced to life alone without someone to
    love. He said, "What about genetically ugly people; sometimes they never
    find a mate, I bet the elephant man was lonely." It's a 17 year old's logic,
    but I not only found it a little humorous, but maybe there was some truth to
    it. I told him I would bring it up to you guys to see what you would say.


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