Re: Is there a gay gene?

From: Kamilla Ludwig (
Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 01:46:01 EDT

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    > Shuan wrote: Your premise should be " sex is inherently dangerous".
    > Far more
    > people have been killed or hurt through STDS transmitted by
    > heterosexual sex
    > than through AIDS. The African AIDS epidemic is driven by
    > heterosexual sex.

    Wrong. Heterosexual sex is not inherently dangerous. Sodomy is, so is
    sexual promiscuity of all colors. No one ever contracted an STD from a
    lifetime of heterosexual monogamy. A lifetime of sodomite monogamy, on
    the other hand is inherently dangerous to one's health. While it may not
    involved STD's, it does involve a host of other diseases and syndromes.

    > Shuan wrote:
    > If they practiced celibacy, it would be the last generation :)


    > I might point out that if all homosexuals practiced lifetime
    > celibacy or
    > monogamy, there would also be good health consequences.

    You're terribly wrong here. Sodomy is inherently dangerous to one's
    health even if it is practiced within a lifetime monogamous relationship.

    And the rate
    > of
    > transmission of STDS among lesbians is even lower than the rate of
    > transmissions between heterosexual partners in general, for reasons
    > that are
    > physiologically obvious.

    Also due to behaviors. Lesbians are much more likely to have long term
    relationships with one partner. They're also usually not involved in
    tearing their lower bowels up, leaving a clear trail for any pathogen
    seeking admission to follow.

    > Shuan wrote:
    > Would that it were so simple, Kamilla. It wasn't for my brother.
    > BTW, how
    > many gays do you know, and how many do you know who were " cured"?
    > Kamilla

    I've known dozens of homosexuals, both gays and lebians, as patients,
    coworkers and friends. The vast majority of those have celebrated their
    lifestyle and never sought to change it. Of those that I know who have
    sought to change their sinful desires, two have been happily heterosexual
    for years. One of these women married and had children with her husband.
      She is now involved with the Exodus ministry at her church, in the heart
    of Denver's "gay district". The other describes herself as happily
    heterosexual and celibate. The third is a young woman I used to "nanny"
    for. I knew her quite well at one time and can tell you without the
    shadow of a doubt she is a heterosexual. But she has a rather complex
    history with dysfunctional family dynamics. I have little doubt now,
    that like so much else with her, her expressed lesbianism is a phase in
    her confused path to maturity.

    Does that convince you? I doubt it. Nor should it. As I have said
    before, we cannot judge truth on the basis of personal experience.

    It is that simple. But it's certainly not easy. The crucified life
    (Luke 9:23) was never promised to be.


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