A 2350 BC Middle Eastern cosmic blast?

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Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 02:53:00 EDT

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    MARIE-AGN»S COURTY is a geologist and researcher at the French Centre for
    Scientific Research. Her scientific background is in Earth Sciences,
    Quaternary Geology and Prehistory. She is specialised in research on i)
    sedimentary formation processes of archaeological sites based on the use of
    soil micromorphology; ii) reconstruction of ancient paleogeography with a
    special focus on effects of geodynamical constrains on human settlement
    pattern and effects of natural factors on the preservation of past human
    landscapes; iii) palaeoclimatic reconstructions based on the study of soil
    archives. Her main research areas are North West Europe, North West India,
    the Middle East.

    An English translation of a part of her recently published study entitled,
    "Causes And Effects Of The 2350 BC Middle East Anomaly Evidenced By
    Micro-debris Fallout, Surface Combustion And Soil Explosion" can be read
    here: http://www.knowledge.co.uk/sis/abstract/courty.htm

    In it she refers to a "layer with an uncommon petrographic assemblage, dated
    at ca. 2350 BC ... In occupation sequences, the layer displays an uncommon
    dense packing of sand-sized, very porous aggregates that suggests
    disintegration of the mud-brick construction by an air blast. In the virgin
    soil, the burnt horizon contains black soot and graphite, and appears to have
    been instantaneously fossilised by a rapid and uncommon colluvial wash. ...
    The restricted occurrence of the later suggests that the massive tephra
    accumulation can no longer be considered as a typical fallout derived from
    the dispersion of material from a terrestrial volcanic explosion. Analytical
    investigations in various directions have been unable, so far, to refute or
    confirm that a cosmic event would have been the cause for production of both
    the widely distributed mysterious particles and the localised thick tephra.
    Origin of this mysterious phenomena still remains unsolved."

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