RE: Is there a gay gene?

From: Don Perrett (
Date: Tue May 14 2002 - 20:46:19 EDT

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    Your arguments are very good AT, but let me add something else.

            Louise: Similarly, we could have three different women who
    describe themselves as
            #1 read a Biblical passage that condemned homosexuality,
    thought "Who is this
            God person to tell me what to do?" and promptly went out and
    found a female
            lover "I'll show Him!"
            #2 was raised in a home with a violent father who abused her
    mother, and now
            totally distrusts all men, and therefore seeks out
    relationships with women.
            #3 has congential adrenal hyperplasia, a gentic mutation
    which caused her
            adrenal glands to produce high levels of testosterone in
    utero. Studies have
            shown that women with this condition show higher levels of
    tomboyish behavior
            as children and are more likely to identify themselves as
    lesbian or bisexual
            as adults. This is thought to be a result of action of
    testosterone on the
            brain during development.

            If the degree of morality in the women's sexual actions the
    same for all
            three? Are all of their actions controlled by "free will" to
    the same degree?
            Or does knowing something about the suspected causal factors
    give us basis for
            making a different judgement? If so, the answer to the
    scientific "how?"
            questions does influence the question a Christian must ask
    "Is this behavior
            right or wrong in the eyes of God?"

    Don P: Let's see. #1 is obviously wrong, she made the choice. #2 is wrong
    because she did not follow the bible in chosen her mate with God's guidance
    and failed to leave the situation in time to prevent damage to her and her
    kids. #3 is also wrong because they did not seek medical treatment, i.e.
    estrogen injections to balance out the testosterone. Anymore examples? Even
    a person born with no sight can get treatments to at lest help them deal
    with life. And I suppose that a manic depressive who is unable to deal with
    life should not take medication. Anyone with a predisposition should just
    use the excuse that they are born that way or they are a victim of their
    environment. AT makes a good statement by saying that we are not animals.
    Although we may biologically be, spiritually we are not. God expects us to
    have a hard time, even Christ was tempted. But, we must not listen to our
    bodies, but rather our souls. To do otherwise dooms us.

            AT: In cases 2 & 3, there is no will involved in the person's
    *desire* for intimate relationship with same-sex partners. However,
    humans are not like animals that are ruled by their appetites. Reason
    and will may not have much influence over desires, but they do have
    influence over *behavior*. Regardless of my personal desires, I am in
    control of my actions - I choose to do this or that, to act or to
    refrain from acting on my desires. The bible does not condemn
    homosexual orientation, but it does condemn homosexual behavior.

    Don P: Excellent point AT.

    Don Perrett

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