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Date: Tue May 14 2002 - 16:22:41 EDT

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    I disagree. The arguments have been made from Scripture, but because
    there does not exist the blanket condemnation some folks would prefer to
    see, "Hear me, the Lord your God. Acting upon your homosexual
    inclinations is always and everywhere sinful. Don't do it, ever." some
    folks insist the case is not a clear one. Neither, however, is
    homosexuality ever held up as laudable or even marginally acceptable. In
    fact, any sexual activity outside of heterosexual marital monogamy seems
    to bring rather nasty consequences with it, even if it is not explicitly
    condemned, the effect would seem to condemn the practice. But let's
    bracket the case from Scripture for a moment and look at the case from
    natural revelation.

    Premise 1: God condemns inherently dangerous sexual practices as sinful.
    (this seems to be the weak point in the argument because I am still
    working on the wording, but I would respond to those who question this
    premise with a question of my own: Do you really want to contend that
    God is such a being that He does not condemn inherently dangerous sexual

    Premise 2: Sodomy is an inherently dangerous sexual practice.

    Shuan wrote: Your premise should be " sex is inherently dangerous". Far more
    people have been killed or hurt through STDS transmitted by heterosexual sex
    than through AIDS. The African AIDS epidemic is driven by heterosexual sex.

    Conclusion: Therefore, God condemns sodomy as sinful.

    It's simple and I don't think anyone needs clinical explanations of bowel
    physiology to understand the health risks. Frankly, if it weren't for
    the fantastic scale of promiscuity in the homosexual subculture, HIV
    infection rates would never have been more than a blip on the public
    health radar in this country and we wouldn't have a constellation of
    health problems known collectively as "gay bowel syndrome". Take it
    several steps further, if we had an entire generation who practiced
    lifetime heterosexual monogamy or celibacy, an entire class of diseases
    would be wiped out in the space of that one generation.

    Shuan wrote:
    If they practiced celibacy, it would be the last generation :)
    I might point out that if all homosexuals practiced lifetime celibacy or
    monogamy, there would also be good health consequences. And the rate of
    transmission of STDS among lesbians is even lower than the rate of
    transmissions between heterosexual partners in general, for reasons that are
    physiologically obvious.
    Despite the stereotype, not all gays are sexually ravenous predators, going
    from bed to bed. A significant minority of male gays are, but that's not

    Of course it is heartbreaking to be faced with a lifetime unable to
    express sexual intimacy with someone you love deeply. No serious person
    arguing for the sinfulness of homosexual activity fails to recognize the
    deep hurts. But the fact is that God can and does heal people of such
    disordered desires.

    Shuan wrote:

    Would that it were so simple, Kamilla. It wasn't for my brother. BTW, how
    many gays do you know, and how many do you know who were " cured"?


    P.S. I've not seen literature from Exodus claiming homosexual
    orientation is a "choice". All of the literature I have seen recognizes
    that it is much more complex than that.

    I did argue that since it is NOT a "chosen" orientation,
    > and
    > that seems to be fairly well established now with he probably
    > exception of
    > the Exodus people, that arguments for "rehab" and "you can refrain
    > from the
    > behavior" are only valid if one can show that the activity , itself,
    > is
    > sinful in God's eyes. And to do this one needs to argue from the
    > scriptures.

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