Re: Is there a gay gene?

Date: Tue May 14 2002 - 17:12:16 EDT

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    Since your brother is a psychiatrist, he surely knows the consequences to
    his physical health of acting on his homosexual desires. Is that
    something you really want to embrace on his behalf?

    If a lurker might ask a question - we talk about health consequences of
    homosexuality - and yet I have to ask - what are those consequences? I know
    about AIDS - but given that it is essentially a sexually transmitted disease,
    then is that not a disease of promiscuity. STD's, in particularly syphilis,
    have always been a problem. During the American syphilis was as untreatable
    as AIDS is now - thousands of men brought the disease home and infected their
    wives. The disease was a consequence of promiscuity, not homosexuality.
    Logically AIDS seems to fit into the same category.

    So - what are the physical consequences involved in a mutually monogamous,
    long term homosexual partnership. If the physical consequences stem from the
    act of sodomy, then how does this apply to lesbians?

    None of this is meant as prurient interest but as a search for understanding
    of the position that seems to say that it is obvious that homosexual acts are
    against natural law because they are inherently harmful.

    Janet Rice

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