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From: John W Burgeson (
Date: Tue May 14 2002 - 13:51:32 EDT

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    Walt wrote: "Although some may give thanks, I want everybody to
    seriously consider substantially lowering the volume of all ASA email
    from this past week --- for at least 8 days to save me a lot of reading
    when I return."

    It may be a good idea. Rather than making LISTSERV replies to several
    recent posts, I'll close out my rantings on liberalism and honoring those
    who are born (or made) differently gender-wise, in this post. I know I
    have offended some on this list in some of my recent posts; I am sorry
    about that, but I cannot apologize for arguing against what I see as a
    dread disease in the minds of too many Christians. A disease I consider
    much worse than a YEC viewpoint, by the way.

    My web site statistics indicate only a few accesses to the study
    materials on homosexuality; I suspect that is because, for many, minds
    are made up and there is no profit in study. Perhaps others are too busy
    -- or even fear that by accessing my site they will be condemned by God
    for even giving the matter any thought.

    So to close the thread, at least my part in it, I list below the web
    sites which argue my case. To read study materials on the conservative
    side, you can do a Google search for them (there are many; some may turn
    your stomach though) or look on my web site for them.

    The point here is simple -- I have no quarrel with those who have fairly
    studied this stuff and have come to a different conclusion than I have.
    But if one has not engaged his thinking apparatus on the question, of
    what value are his or her opinions?

    Cordially, John Burgeson, sometimes known as the "Old Hoss.
    My position on homosexuality and homosexual activity (I came to this
    position on 8-7-2001).
    Sodom & Gommorah -- the Story, by Robert J. Schneider, Berea College
    (added 3/1/2002)
    The web site "Reluctant Journey." It is offered by George Hopper, a
    Methodist minister in England.
    Accepting What Cannot Be Changed, by David Myers
    A debate between Tony Compolo and his wife on homosexual activities
    A web site devoted to religious tolerance issues
    There is one book above all that I recommend on this issue. It is CAUGHT
    IN THE CROSSFIRE, edited by Geis and Messer, Abbingdon Press, 1994. This
    book presents both sides of the issues as written by a dozen or so
    thinkers, "conservative" & "liberal," all with excellent credentials.
    An essay by Dr. Walter Wink.
    John Burgeson (Burgy)
            (science/theology, quantum mechanics, baseball, ethics,
             humor, cars, philosophy and much more)

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