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            I have a brother who is a psychiatrist and also gay. He
    didn't want to be
    gay-struggled with all his might to cure himself and hid it from his family
    for many years. He underwent psychotherapy and drug therapy and was ( and
    still ) is on antidepressants as a result of the struggle with his
    sexuality. A few years ago he decided to "come out", (much to the
    consternation of our parents) and be openly gay. He is not overjoyed with
    his choice, but he is at peace within himself.
    I can assure you that being gay is not something he chose to do and he was
    unable to find a "cure". What gave him this predisposition? He does not
    know-and he is a practicing psychiatrist. I would say science doesn't know
    either. What we do know is that it seems much more fundamental than those
    who say its simply a "preference", like a taste for chocolate ice cream, or
    a "lifestyle choice".
            Frankly, I struggle with the rather clear OT injunction against
    homosexuality. Before I was aware of my brother's struggle, I used to
    blithely think that gays should just simply stop being gay. It might be
    tough, like breaking the smoking habit, but it was doable. In the light of
    what I know now, I no longer think so.
    I think that Don and likeminded persons should get to know a variety of
    persons who are actually gay, before he makes pronouncements on this issue.
    Those who take the time to know people who are gay are usually not so quick
    to conclude that this is a simple matter of telling gays that they should
    stop sinning.

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    >>JB: "I did argue that since it is NOT a "chosen" orientation, and
    that seems to be fairly well established now with he probably exception of
    the Exodus people, that arguments for "rehab" and "you can refrain from the
    behavior" are only valid if one can show that the activity , itself, is
    sinful in God's eyes. And to do this one needs to argue from the

    Don P: "Again you contradict yourself. You say it is not necessarily
    environmental or genetic, but you say it is not chosen. Then what is it?"

    JB: ??? It may have been that I wrote something (not the above) in haste and
    thereby wrote incorrectly.

    My argument is that since it is not (except in a few cases) "chosen," it is
    necessarily determined by either genetics or environment or some combination
    of the two, at least in most cases. Knowing a fair number (probably a dozen
    or so) gays and lesbians, the genetic factor seems most likely. But that not
    being a scientific sample, I defer to the studies. See my website.

    "In fact, it is a well established psychological fact that problems caused
    by genetics can be reduced by both pharmaceutical and psychological

    If you mean one can be brainwashed by torture or other aversion "therapy,"
    of course, I'll have to agree. But perhaps you are speaking of something
    different here?

    "It is usually the "chosen" ones that are not. The reason of course is
    obvious to anyone open minded. If you choose not to accept the treatment
    then it won't work."

    Makes sense, but what evidence do you claim as grounds?

    "I am not judging those that are "afflicted" but unless you tell them they
    are wrong then so are you."

    OK. You claim I am wrong. Give me grounds for this claim. Just making it
    does not persuade me (obviously). Start by citing one or more obvious
    mistakes in the sources on my website that argue as I do. Specifically, look
    at the arguments given in my friend George Hopper's website. His are easy to

    " To help someone commit a sin is a sin. And the same holds true when you
    look the other way while sin is committed."

    Yes, I agree. But I do not think all HB is a sin. Tell me why I am wrong.

    Don P:With faith in His word

    JB: As Don P interprets it, of course.

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