Is there a gay gene?

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Date: Tue May 14 2002 - 02:59:23 EDT

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    Hello Burgy,

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    >>There are very clear Scripture passages that
    condemn homosexuality. I
                    am well aware of a small number of scholars who have
    attempted to
                    reinterpret these passsages, but it is clear that
    they are simply
                    trying to fit Scripture into their own perspectives.
    Furthermore, in
                    support of these passages is the natural law argument that
                    homosexuality is against the nature of the human person, and is
                    therefore quite different from lefthandedness. Finally, a third
                    argument is the weight of consensus in Christianity
    for 2000 years
                    that sex is reserved for marriage, and the close
    connection betwen
                    marriage and procreation.

                    You need to study the issue more, Adrian. Have you
    looked at the sources on
                    my website at all? Both sides are there. To say
    "...scholars trying to fit
                    ..." is a difficult claim to support.

                    Ten years ago I held your present position. I did
    study the issues. My
                    position is on my website; it is not an absolute one,
    as you can see.

                    If I had come to the conclusion that scripture
    clearly condemned all HB then
                    I would have had no choice but to take the same position.

                    I did not.


                    AT: I have studied the issue carefully. I stand by
    what I wrote and I find your position unconvincing. The Christian
    consensus argument is a powerful one also, as is the natural law one.
    But even without them, I think Scripture alone is clear on its
    condemnation of homsexuality.


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