Re: Is there a gay gene?

From: JW Burgeson (
Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 20:43:32 EDT

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    >>Hmmm , Seems to me that the Bible is pretty clear about sodomy being a
    >>sinful behaviour.>>

    That is not "clear" either to me or to many others. To what specific section
    of scripture do you refer? My recollection is that the word "sodomy" is of
    recent invention. And of course the sin of Sodom was inhospitality, not
    homosexual behavior, which was simply how inhospitality was exhibited. See
    Ezekiel for this commentary. Also a pretty good essay of Sodom on my
    website, written by another member of this LISTSERV.

    >>Truth is that any lascivious activity is considered sinful behaviour,
    and the Bible most decidedly warns against this.>>

    OK. So?

    "In the purest sense, sexual activity should only be engaged in to initiate
    the reproductive process. I don't think it matters whether you are
    heterosexual or homosexual when it comes to this."

    So IOW older married folks ought to cease & desist? I'm not real happy with
    that admonition. Again, to what part of your scripture do you appeal for
    this peculiar claim?


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