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Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 12:02:22 EDT

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    Finally, there's a subject I know something about, and it's got to be this
    one! How embarrasing.
    Well, I think you guys are on the right track with this discussion, I want
    to support it from my perspective which is a little different than any of
    yours I gather.
    I don't know when and how I got it, but I am afraid I am one of those
    'predisposed'. I have thought it may be a hormone thing, since I suspect I
    have some issues there as well, (although I have not been able to find a
    doctor to say there is anything 'abnormal'). Being raised in a Christian
    home and always being a God fearing person, I have never allowed myself to
    "go there". But the appetite is there and it is a reality. I do not believe
    in any way shape or form that a genetic "link" or "predisposition" would
    justify my 'feeding' of this appetite. For the same reason I didn't TRY any
    addictive drugs in school I figure what I don't know is not hurting me. As
    many of you have said it IS a choice; this is 100% true, and if I were ever
    to choose to feed it, I know I would be subject to the correction and
    discipline of my loving Father, as well as natural consequences, but he
    wouldn't hate me for it, it is not the unpardonable sin and would forgive me
    if asked in repentance. It doesn't really matter what science comes up with
    or "proves" it IS possible to control it or else God wouldn't condemn the
    practice. Also, I find that when I "ABIDE" in Christ the appetite is less
    than when I stray, if I take my focus off of Jesus the appetite becomes
    stronger, I believe this may be true of any unhealthy 'predisposition'. This
    is why Jesus repeatedly said to "abide".

    I hope this helps shed more light on the issue.

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