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Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 03:35:05 EDT

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    Hi Dick,

    I wrote: exactly 4,000 years would pass between the creation of Adam and the
    birth of Christ (4005 BC to 5 BC).

    You responded: "Exactly 4,000 years"? Mike, I believe some things are known
    only to
      the Father. "Exactly" is too, well, exact if you know what I mean.

    I only say that because that is what I have found in my study of Bible

    So far as the 5 BC date for the birth of Christ, I think I am on very solid
    ground here. I agree with Colin Humphreys' spring of 5 BC date which he
    supports by means of a comet recorded in ancient Chinese history which
    perfectly matches the Bible's description of the star of Bethlehem.
    Humphreys' article is posted on the ASA web site. It can be read here:


    However, I established the 5 BC date for Christ's birth by a totally unique
    means long before I ever read Humphreys' article. I hope to soon here present
    the information by which I independently arrived at the same date Humphreys'
    article tells us is confirmed by what certainly appears to have been the Star
    of Bethlehem. I think you will find it quite interesting. However, the
    article still needs a little work. I should be done with it within a week.

    The 4005 BC date for Adam's creation was arrived at by means of a study of
    Bible chronology which, from the fortieth year of Solomon back, is virtually
    identical to the study published by Bishop Ussher a few hundred years ago.
    But unlike Ussher's work, from the 40th year of Solomon forward, my study
    fully agrees with all of the dates which modern historians have now firmly
    established for several events recorded in Scripture which are also referred
    to in the historical annals of ancient Israel's and Judah's contemporary
    neighboring nations. Historians have been able to assign dates to these
    events because many of these historical annals date the events they describe
    by means of astronomical observations made at the time.

    I believe that the chronological history recorded in Scripture clearly
    indicates that exactly 4,000 years passed between the creation of Adam and
    the birth of Christ. Why God's use of such an exact number would surprise you
    I don't know. After all, He is the same God who designed our sun to be
    exactly 400 times the size of our moon. ( "864,000 mi." vs. "2,160 mi."
    according to the 1998 edition of The World Almanac, pages 290 and 291, or
    "1,400,000 km." vs. "3500 km." according to NASA's Geometry of the Solar
    System @ )

    You wrote: Also, when you add in threes, sevens, tens, and a thousand, it
    sure gives us lots of good prophetic numbers.

    Not to mention the sixes and twelves and a few others.


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