RE: Is there a gay gene?

From: Adrian Teo (
Date: Sun May 12 2002 - 23:32:30 EDT

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    Wayne wrote:
    <<<If being gay is a genetic disposition, then it is
    not entirely a matter of free will anymore, and that
    changes how one should view a person who exhibits
    such behavior. >>>

    Wayne, I think it is an error to consider genetic disposition and
    free will to be mutually exclusive. Genes do not directly cause
    behavior. The path from genes to behavior is long and complicated,
    and there is no evidence to suggest that any complex human behavior
    is caused by genes to the exclusion of the freedom of will. That is
    why I think that most discussions on homosexuality is misguided - the
    genetic component issue, while interesting scientifically, is
    irrelevant morally. The morality of homsexuality, or alcohol abuse,
    or violence have to be evaluated independent of the genetic
    involvement. The reason is because free will is not a scientific
    issue - it is philosophical and theological.



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