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Date: Sun May 12 2002 - 18:37:24 EDT

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    I'm signing off the ASA list as I prepare to leave on a vacation.
    However ... I've decided I won't be rejoining after I get back, at least not
    for a while.

    The quantity/quality ratio here has mushroomed these past few months.
    Moderation has helped a little, but still too many posts seem to be graceless
    arguments between people who make no effort to understand each other, or side
    trips into unedifying non-ASA topics, or lengthy discussions on topics I
    don't care about (can't blame the list for that one; tastes vary). At this
    point in my life, it just isn't worth my time and frustration to wade through
    50 posts a day for the one or two that I find edifying. It's time for a

    I want to thank all the wise people God has used to enlighten and encourage
    me in the 6 years or so I've been on the ASA discussion list. There are too
    many to list; a few who particularly come to mind are George Murphy, Paul
    Seely, Ted Davis, and Joel Cannon. I'm even grateful for many of those with
    whom I disagree significantly -- such as Glenn Morton who is a great source
    of information and whose commitment to truth I admire.

    May those of you who remain be drawn closer to God through this list and
    other means. And anybody who wants to keep in touch privately may do so, of

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