Is there a gay gene?

Date: Sun May 12 2002 - 08:22:58 EDT

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    John Burgeson wrote:

    > Tolerance is better than hate. Acceptance is better than tolerance. Rehab
    > is, as far as I can see, a false hope for persons with a homosexual
    > affinity. AT least most of them.

    I'm sure I can find this out somewhere, but anyway,
    you have posted on several occasions that being gay
    is genetic. Is there strong evidence for a locus
    (probably several if true) for "gayness", or is it
    still mainly a matter of conjecture.

    If being gay is a genetic disposition, then it is
    not entirely a matter of free will anymore, and that
    changes how one should view a person who exhibits
    such behavior. It also raise issues about social
    responsibility in some cases. For example, to
    what extent should we hold a gay responsible in a
    case of child molestation? And if pedophiles are
    shown to have a genetic disposition, what then?

    I know this is a big bomb to drop, but
    clearly, crimes committed in the conditions of free
    will are different from crimes committed by people
    not so possessed with a free will. There is a real
    conflict between mere scientific analysis, and the
    social consequences of such behaviors. It would
    not be trivial to reconcile these at all.

    by Grace alone we proceed,

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