Re: Dating flood by Bible chronology vs. YEC

Date: Sat May 11 2002 - 22:16:52 EDT

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    Hello Gordon,

    You wrote: I thought that you had said earlier that a copyist of Luke had
      Cainan because he was in the LXX. Now you say that a copyist of the LXX
    inserted his name because it was in Luke. This is circular. It must have
    begun somewhere. The question of most interest is how it got into either
    document in the first place.

    That certainly would be a circular argument. And I never made it. I challenge
    you to reread my posts on this subject and show that I did. I did not. That
    has been Dick's position, not mine. I have steadfastly maintained that first
    century copies of the LXX did not contain any mention of a second Cainan and
    that mentions of two Cainans in Luke's genealogy of Christ was the result of
    a late copyist's error since a second Cainan does not appear in the earliest
    existing copies of Luke's Gospel. I have also said more, a few times now, and
    quoted well respected reference works agreeing with me, that late corrupted
    copies of Luke influenced LXX copyists to add a second Cainan to the LXX in
    order to bring it in line with their copies of Luke.

    You wrote: Whether or not Admin was in the ancestral line of Jesus, there is
    still reason to believe that the genealogies in Matthew and Luke omit some
    generations between Abraham and David.

    I have no problem with this. I freely admit that several genealogies in the
    scriptures, after those in Gen. 5 and 11 which were clearly written to serve
    as chronologs, have been abbreviated since they were only written only for
    the purpose of demonstrating lineage. However, much of the chronological
    information contained in the Genesis genealogies would be rendered useless if
    they contain gaps. I say there is no credible evidence that they do.


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