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From: Walter Hicks (wallyshoes@mindspring.com)
Date: Sat May 11 2002 - 16:08:21 EDT

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    Walt Hicks <wallyshoes@mindspring.com>

    In any consistent theory, there must exist true but not provable statements. (Godel's Theorem)

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    John W Burgeson wrote: > > Walt wrote: "Burgy told me that he once was a libertarian. He still is > insofar as I > can see." > > I did? I do not remember that. I may have said that I gave the > Libertarian outlook a fair study at one time. I am, BTW, a registered > Democrat. The exact words that you used were: "I dabbled with Libertarianism for a spell. Now I'm a dam Democrat"

    I took "dabbled" to mean that you actually thought that way for a short period of time. Anyhow, I think that the proper phase is that you are a "damn" Democrat.

    I am not the least bit interested in defending either liberals or conservatives. Beside the question was respect to Christianity, not politics.

    I have lived in Texas, New Mexico and Massachusetts. That is a good way to get to see both sides of things both politically and religiously. In a sense they both come to be the same: IMO both liberals and conservatives substitute a "canned" philosophy for thinking through each issue on it's own merits.

    The basic rule for a conservative (out West) is: "It ain't broke, so don't fix it." Gimme that old time religion, if you please. Don't worry about that do-goody stuff until you came to Jesus, and walk with Jesus, and talk about Jesus. Bring the neighbors to Jesus also. Remember the great commission. Everything else is nothing. Read the Bible, read the Bible, read the Bible. Join a church; get involved.

    The liberal viewpoint (Kennedy land): Church is nice but not too important. Gather up and commit yourself to doing good in the world. The world is broke, very broke. Help to fix it. Collect money for the worthy causes. Be an activist on good things, which change our oppressive society into one that does good things. If anyone says "Jesus", bow your head. It's O.K. to read the Bible but remember that famous religious song "It ain't necessarily so". Get your church to support Government programs that "do good things for people"

    I like to think that ASA is "Thinking Man's (Lady's) Land", where canned philosophies like both of these take a back seat to reasoning through each issue using all the data on hand and the best that Science has to offer, the Bible has to offer and the insights of the Theologians (Whoops I said the "T Word".) on this list.

    Offered respectfully,


    P.S Unfortunately (for me) I am on a trip for a week or so and may miss a lot of discussion. Although some may give thanks, I want everybody to seriously consider substantially lowering the volume of all ASA email from this past week --- for at least 8 days to save me a lot of reading when I return ;-).

    Thanks, all.


    > > Thanks for the comments.


    > > John Burgeson (Burgy) > > http://www.burgy.50megs.com > (science/theology, quantum mechanics, baseball, ethics, > humor, cars, philosophy and much more)

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    In any consistent theory, there must exist true but not provable statements. (Godel's Theorem)

    You can only find the truth with logic If you have already found the truth without it. (G.K. Chesterton) ===================================


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