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    Jim Eisele wrote:
    > Hello Peter. It's nice to hear from you. I was hoping more for
    > some specific Hebrew.
    > Jim
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    > Jim Eisele wrote:
    > > Hi Peter. This may be more of a question. Do you think Gen 1:28-29
    > > I think, refers to Adam?
    > > Jim
    > Hi Jim
    > No, see
    > Peter

    Hi Jim,

    Gen.1:28-29 belongs to 1:26-27 which describes the creation of humans
    ['adam] generically in God's image (in "day 6", long before Adam),
    whereas Gen.2:7 deals with the call and gifting of one of their
    descendents, the individual Adam [ha'adam, "the Adam"] (in "day 7").
    God's blessing the first humans (1:28), after creating in their
    precursors the new (spiritual) dimension, parallels God's blessing the
    aquatic and the flying animals ("living souls", 1:21-22), after creating
    in their precursors the new (sentient / psychological) dimension. The
    Hebrew formulations in v.22a and v.28a, regarding the blessing and the
    invitation to multiply and fill their respective habitats, are virtually

    I'm sure you don't mind if I also send this to the ASA list.


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