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Date: Sat May 11 2002 - 10:12:16 EDT

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    John W Burgeson wrote:

    What he thinks is a liberal Christian. He clearly does not live anywhere
    near Kennedy Land.

    Burgy told me that he once was a libertarian. He still is insofar as I
    can see.

    Funny how we all exalt a given outlook implying something negative about
    the opposition. Since a conservative is the opposite of a liberal, we
    should describe what a conservative thinks as:

    Censorship of Free speech
    Government control of religion.
    In favour of any law that inserts a grim faced man in a blue suit with a
    large gun into a doctor's office. In other words, anti-choice -- but
    Racist in a wide meaning of that term. See much humanity as unequal
    before God.
              People of color have lesser standing
              Women have lesser standing
              People with different sexual preferences have lesser standing
    See diversity as a "bad thing."
    Show disrespect to those of a different religious persuasion.
    Show disrespect to those those with no religious persuasion.
    See Christianity primarily as a prescriptive religion

    "The eternal destiny of human beings will have nothing to do with how
    much we ignore the hungry, the thirsty, the naked and the oppressed. In
    the end, we will be judged by none of these things."

    A good conservative has that motto taped to his PC monitor.

    Finally, the following bad news came to me today from a fellow

    > Dallas City Council Approves Anti-Discrimination Ordinance
    > The Associated Press, May 8, 2002
    > DALLAS - The Dallas City Council on Wednesday adopted an ordinance
    > that prohibits discrimination against gays and lesbians in employment,
    > housing and in public places such as hotels and restaurants.
    > The council voted 13-2 for the measure, which was pledged on the
    > campaign trail by new Mayor Laura Miller. Violation of the ordinance
    > will result in fines up to $500.
    > "Let us walk out of the shadow of intolerance and bigotry and into the
    > sunshine of human rights," Councilman John Loza said.
    > The two councilmen who opposed the ordinance, Alan Walne and Mitchell
    > Rasansky, said it would be too expensive for the city to enforce in an
    > already tight budget year. Resansky also said the measure could be too
    > expensive for small businesses.
    > The ordinance exempts employers with less than 15 workers, and
    > proponents said it would cost only $15,000 in money that's not already
    > budgeted.
    > American Airlines executive Donald J. Carty spoke in favor of the
    > ordinance and said the Fort Worth-based carrier has adopted a similar
    > policy for its workers.
    > "The true strength of our city lies in our diversity," he said.
    > The Rev. Flip Benham, director of the Dallas-based anti-abortion group
    > Operation Save America, spoke against the measure.
    > "It's a travesty that breaks my heart," he said. "The city hall has
    > declared itself as God. It's a direct attack on the word of God."
    A sad day for us conservative women haters

    Silly isn't it? But all I did was take the negative of Burgy's list of
    "liberal" virtues. If you do not characterize either liberals or
    conservatives by the extremes on either side, then the list of liberal
    virtues and conservative virtues are largely the same.

    If Flip Benham is Burgy's example of a conservative Christian, is Spong
    the example of a liberal Christian?


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