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    > To report that Dembski is purposefully using "smoke and mirrors" when =
    >he is not, is "willful misrepresentation".
    > If you are big enough to dish it out, you are big enough to take it.

    The problem I see is that Dembski doesn't seem to understand what
    information is. In Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith Sept 1997,
    Dembski wrote an article which mis-used the definition of information .
    He wrote:

    "It is CSI [complex specified information] that within the
    theory of algorithmic information takes the form of a highly compressible,
    nonrandom strings of digits."Dembski, Sept. 1997 PSCF. p 186

    What he is saying here is that a sequence which is highly compressible is
    high in informational content. But that is pure d-cr*p! The sequence


    can be compressed to the string:


    but the string


    can not be compressed a lot. There is more information in ihave four cats

    is in 13A. But the sequence

    'jibwfgpvsdbut' has as much information as does ihavefourcats. While
    ihavefourcats has meaning, it has no more informational content.

    The point of all this is that Dembski can't even define his terms correctly
    within information theory. And in a phone conversation with Steve Meyers
    about this, he acknoweldged to me that I was correct on this--that Dembski
    was backwards. To be backwards, Allen, means Dembski doesn't know what he
    is talking about.

    Dembski never did correct this. That entire group has a credibility problem
    with me. When I tried repeatedly to get the Discovery Institute to change
    its web page which claimed Dembski gave a plenary session paper to the
    entire attendees (which was factually false), they didn't seem to see the
    problem with that. I guess being accurate with that group isn't important.


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