Re: Theological basis for stewardship and creation care

From: Steve Bishop (
Date: Fri May 10 2002 - 14:45:40 EDT

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    Hi Michael,

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    >Subject: Re: Theological basis for stewardship and creation care
    >Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 18:59:55 +0100
    >I remember that time I responded to your article. It was on the grounds of
    >the Fall as I felt you were arguing that there was no animal death before
    >the Fall. As there was death some 4 billion years before Adam took a bite
    >out of whatever fruit it was this is important, as to argue otherwise will
    >slew our understanding of our natural world.
    >Surely Iwas TOTALLY right as usual!!!!

    I didn't think I was arguing that!!!! I certainly didn't intend to!!!

    As I recall (and of course I may only be partially right!)- I don't have the
    journal issue to hand - you took me to task for using Calvin's phrase of the
    fall: 'perverted the whole order of nature in heaven and earth', and saying
    that the nature of the fall depended upon whether or not we took scientific
    issues into account. I was trying to dodge the issue!


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