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Date: Fri May 10 2002 - 14:00:18 EDT

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    Jan wrote: "I probably have said this before. I accept all people who
    >believe the infallibility of the Bible as Christian brothers and sisters,
    >who depend for their salvation on Christ's death."

    I replied: "Do you accept me too? I could not subscribe to the above

    Jan answered, "Depends."

    I need not read further then. You draw the circle narrow, where only those
    acceptable to your doctrine(s) may be considered "Christians." I assume then
    that I would not be welcome in your church, for I draw the circle wide
    indeed. Enough to include you, of course.

    It is indeed fortunate that neither of us are in a position to define the
    circle in heavenly terms.

    When I was first a Xtian I went to a church where the pastor was a
    fundementalist. Being quite new to the faith, even though I was 31 years
    old, I was sometimes puzzled by his sermons, but decided to give them a fair
    hearing. Luckily I had a Lutheran brother and a Presbyterian father-in-law
    who were sometimes able to give me some perspective.

    Pastor Miller left that church, but we remained friends for several years
    through correspondence. Then one day he wrote me and said, having joined the
    GARB, that he had to end our friendship and correspondence as he was now
    convinced of the principle of "secondary separation." That is, since I would
    not renounce my fellowship with my Lutheran brother and Presbyterian
    father-in-law, that no matter how "fundie" I might see myself he could no
    longer have fellowship.

    I liked Jim Miller a lot -- he was a great preacher and a close friend. And
    his letter really hurt me. I was at that time beginning to see what
    fundamentalism could turn into -- fortunately my other fundie friends never
    went that far. But from that day I am convinced that fundamentalism is
    wrong. Seriously wrong.

    One day, of course, we will know. In the meantime, my circle is wide, for I
    see it as a very great sin to read a Christian brother out of the circle
    and, at most, a small error in accepting one into the circle who might no


    Hoss (aka Burgy)

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