RE: The Problem of Liberal Theology

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Date: Fri May 10 2002 - 10:06:49 EDT

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            I didn't. Put it down to a fit of peique at being attacked
    as an apostate
    by folks other than Glenn. Sorry, Glenn

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    > Well, I think that your approach, Glenn, should not be seen
    >as the only or
    >even the referred approach to Gen 1-11.But if you want a historical
    >reconstruction of Gen 1-11, go ahead. May the Force be with you.I think
    >your historical interpretation ends up being as subjective and symbolic as
    >my "Mythopoetic" interpretation, but you want to portray yourself as the
    >"objective scientist standing up for history & truth versus mythmaking
    >liberals like John, George, and myself, knock yourself out, Saint Glenn...

    I hope you don't mean it as sarcastic as it sounds.

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