Re: Information from nothing.

From: Allen Roy (
Date: Fri May 10 2002 - 01:44:19 EDT

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    From: "george murphy" <>

    > I see no justification for posting second hand derogatory comments
    > of this sort here. I don't know whether your cryptic "=anonymously" means
    > that you didn't tell him who Howard Van Till was or that (as is the case)
    > your friend remains anonymous. If the latter then this is subject to the
    > same condemnation as most anonymous letters. If the former, then you
    > have saved a lot of trouble by noting that the source of the comments is
    > astrophysicist who is certainly familiar with elementary mathematical
    > concepts.

    It is anonymous both ways.

    When people make derogatory statements like Van Till did it doesn't matter
    his 'qualifications.' Statements must stand for themselves and not
    according to one's position of authority.

    Only those who fall for the false logic of appealing to authority would be
    cowed into submission by the notation of qualification.


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