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Date: Fri May 10 2002 - 00:13:10 EDT

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    Hello Dick,

    I bet you knew I would respond to this.

    You wrote: In what manner are we, his stumbling creatures, like the Most High
    God? Do we possess His holiness, or His righteousness? Can we boast of His
    wisdom? Are we omnipotent? Can we transcend time? Is it in our power to
    forgive sin? Can we grant immortality? No, we mere mortals presume too

    Can't we ask the same things about Adam?

    You say Adam was created in God's image and that no human being before him or
    after him, except Jesus Christ, was so created. But I see Adam as a man just
    like us. He was created with the ability to sin and, evidently, the
    propensity to sin. For sin he did. You say God created Adam to serve as his
    representative to bring a knowledge of God to a world of ungodly men. But
    certainly God knew from the beginning the outcome. That being the case, He
    could have only created Adam as some sort of demonstration, to illustrate a
    point, to teach a lesson.

    I say Adam was created by God, not as God's representative to man, but as
    man's representative to God. Adam was a man just like us. The only difference
    being that he was put into a paradise, without a problem in the world. So
    when he sinned he couldn't rightly blame his failings on his tough lot in
    life. Adam's failure in paradise proved that none of us, with all of our
    problems, stresses and temptations, can ever live a perfectly righteous life.
    Adam proved that all mankind, though created in God's image in a limited way,
    are not nearly as righteous as God, since unlike God we have both the ability
    and the propensity to sin. Adam proved that because we all "fall short of the
    glory of God," we are all unworthy of eternal life. Adam proved that because
    we are, we all need God's forgiveness, which He freely offers to us all by
    means of the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

    The questions you asked to prove that sinful predamic men and postadamic men
    could not possibly be the ones that Gen. 1:27 is referring to as having been
    created in God's image I'll now ask you about Adam.

    In what manner was Adam, His stumbling creature, like the Most High God? Did
    Adam possess His holiness, or His righteousness? Could Adam boast of His
    wisdom? Was Adam omnipotent? Could Adam transcend time? Was it in Adam's
    power to forgive sin? Could Adam grant immortality?

    If you maintain that Adam was any more created in God's image than his
    contemporary Sumerian neighbors, and all of us living today, I think you
    presume too much for Adam.


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