Re: Information from nothing.

From: george murphy (
Date: Thu May 09 2002 - 23:39:39 EDT

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             I see no justification for posting second hand derogatory comments
    of this sort here. I don't know whether your cryptic "=anonymously" means
    that you didn't tell him who Howard Van Till was or that (as is the case)
    your friend remains anonymous. If the latter then this is subject to the
    same condemnation as most anonymous letters. If the former, then you could
    have saved a lot of trouble by noting that the source of the comments is an
    astrophysicist who is certainly familiar with elementary mathematical

    George Murphy

    Allen Roy wrote:

    > This is a comment from a friend to whom I showed Van Tills comments =
    > anonymously.
    > Allen
    > ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    > I wonder if this guy thinks the Pythagorean Theorem is smoke and =
    > mirrors. I
    > wonder if he's ever heard of the word "axiom" or "definition" or =
    > "theorem".
    > Doesn't sound like it. The title of the book is in reference to a
    > collection of mathematical THEOREMS (proven in isolation from Dembski by
    > other mathematicians with no interest in creation and evolution), not
    > wishful confusing conjectures that this man is probably more use to. =
    > What
    > would be much more engaging would be if this man could dismantle =
    > Dembski's
    > mathematical work, instead of trying to tarnish its effectiveness by
    > misrepresenting it as a confusing religious or philosophical work.

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