Re: GEN 1-11: Beyond the concordist debate

From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Thu May 09 2002 - 17:47:07 EDT

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    At 08:59 AM 09/05/02 -0600, JW Burgeson wrote:
    >Jan wrote, in part: " The faithfulness of Jesus Christ in taking upon
    >Himself the punishment for our sins is basic, denying it means that the
    >person doing so is not a Christian."
    >Now you have a new definition of who is "in" and who is "out."
    >I do not understand the fundamentalist mindset that comes up with
    >prescriptive definitions like this. I really don't.
    >"Basic for a definition of "myth" is that it is a "lie" that is
    >not faithful to the God of Scriptures."
    >That is a pretty tight definition of the word "myth." OK, for the purposes
    >of this post, I'll accept it. All that means is that I have to substitute
    >"folk story" for Gen 1-11. And, I will define "folk story" in this post as a
    >story which is true, i.e. is meant to convey a spiritual truth, without
    >being necessarily factual.
    >Sort of like the folk story Jesus told about the Samaritan.
    >The statement was made: "Realize that the Biblical authors were humans who
    >could make errors." Jan replied:
    >"No, I don't think so. If that is so, than I have difficulty talking with
    >them. I do think, however, that copying and translations may bring in
    >Again, a fundamentalist mindset coming through. I can see you must have
    >great difficulties with some parts of scripture. You must assume a lot of
    >errors in copying & translation.
    >I have seen the argument from a KJV only friend that all the errors were
    >corrected in the 1611 version and that no errors now exist (or ever existed)
    >in that version. He argues that God would not have allowed errors to
    >accumulate forever.

    Sorry, then you did not read my postings very well. I am not a
    "fundamentalist", and I have said that on this forum several times. I
    believe that Jesus died for my sins, and that I can study the Bible and
    nature to find out what God did and does. But I cannot accept any human
    based solutions to difficult problems. Of course, I and everyone has
    difficulties with parts of Scripture and nature. If you don't then I think
    there sis something wrong with your faith. My only meaning with the
    statement you quote is that I intend to say, that the Bible is not just a
    human book. Maybe even the writers did not understand what they were
    saying. Then copiers and translators added errors. It is so, if you study
    the bible, that you will often have difficulties, which by further study
    may be caused by wrong translations. Incorrect translations are often
    caused because people do not understand the times in which the original was
    written. Consequently you may study your life long and still not
    understand the Bible. Discussions about it do help.
    Christ died for us, but also to bring about a new world, where justice and
    righteousness rule.


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