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Date: Thu May 09 2002 - 16:07:33 EDT

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    I was not intending to imply that God's Word makes for easy reading, and in
    writing as I did it was never my intention to exascerbate division among
    Christian believers. But, as an advocate of plain speaking, I did think it
    appropriate to point out that the Bible has certain fundamental things to say
    about the nature of man and about the reality of the supernatural - matters
    that lie outside the gift of science - and hardly referred to in this forum. In
    my view these have a direct bearing upon our behaviour and claims as scientists
    - and as assessors of the behaviour and claims of others.



    Jan de Koning wrote:

    > At 11:48 PM 02/05/02 +0100, Vernon Jenkins wrote:
    > >Like your YEC friends, I am unashamedly a 'Category A' man who
    > >regards the 'scoring of points' in this life as having little eternal
    > >merit. More reasonable, and far safer in my view, to accept God's
    > >Word as it has come down to us; certainly more assuring, and far less
    > >complicated!
    > >
    > >Sincerely, and with regards,
    > So am I. However, the trouble is that "accept the Word of God" is still
    > complicated. I have never known any one, who is not influenced by a
    > certain theory. The trouble is not only, the fact that "truth",
    > "faithfulness' does not mean the same for everyone. All of us are born in
    > sin, and all of us learned to look at life, at truth, at faithfulness in a
    > certain way. All of us are imperfect. Still, we all want to learn to
    > understand the Bible, the Word of God, properly. The discussions now show,
    > that not all read Gen.1 - 11 in the same way, since we have not started our
    > discussions at the proper point: "How do we look at God's word and
    > world." All of us are struggling with it. Some want to do away with what
    > thorough studies in nature have taught us, others keep on struggling with
    > what God wanted to tell us in the beginning chapters of the Bible. Some
    > scientists, not studying geology, physics etc., but computer-science, and
    > other similar sciences, seem sometimes easily shoving aside natural
    > sciences and just saying "I believe God's Word." Others say: "I believe
    > God as he showed Himself in the Bible and in the world He created." God
    > did not contradict Himself, so we must have made mistakes either in reading
    > the Bible or in reading God's Creation.
    > To say one side is more faithfully christian than the other does not get
    > any discussion anywhere. I have seen too often that questioning the
    > faithfulness of other people who struggle with these questions may push
    > them out of the community of saints, the church. Please, do not question
    > the motives and faithfulness of others, by making statements like "more
    > assuring", since what assures you, may be the cause of pushing others out,
    > since they cannot fit it in with the God who shows Himself in nature
    > (biology, physics, etc.).
    > The only thing that all of us must accept the Christ of the Scriptures, who
    > died for our sins, is our Saviour.
    > And, a discussion on the internet cannot take the place of studying the
    > original sources.
    > Jan de Koning

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