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Date: Thu May 09 2002 - 22:56:28 EDT

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    >Glenn wrote, in art: " I am using Ugaboogah to illustrate that if the
    >theology/requirements of Ugaboogah are mutually incompatible with the
    >theology/requirements of Jehovah, then they can no more be the
    >same god any
    >more than Zeus and Jehovah are the same."
    >Yeah -- I understand that. The problem I have is that all of us worship a
    >god who is "just a little bit different" than the one our neighbor
    >That is because we all "see through a glass, darkly."

    Yes we do all see darkly. In the list of denominations which I snipped, you
    only mention Christian denominations. That isn't all there is to the world.
    What of the hypothetical Ugaboogite, performed that which is acceptable to
    Ugaboogah by sending all his money to me, does he worship the same God?
    More seriously, does a Molech worshipper worship our God---in reality? This
    is regardless and separate from his intent. I may intend to get a raise next
    year but I may fail.


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