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Date: Thu May 09 2002 - 22:56:30 EDT

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    >> The Westminster Confession of Faith appeals to the "light of nature"
    >> (as well as many arguments from Scripture) to support the contention
    >> that transubstantiation is incorrect. This use of physical evidence
    >> to support a less literalistic interpretation seems like a good
    >> parallel for the appeal to physical evidence in interpreting Genesis
    >> 1. My only attempt so far at applying this reasoning had an already
    >> unreceptive audience, so I cannot tell if it is likely to sway others.
    > This is an interesting analogy. I had not thought of this before
    >but there is some similarity between transsubstantiation and "apparent
    >age" arguments for YEC. In fact it might be possible to cast the latter
    >in Aristotelian form by saying that the substance of creation is ~6000
    >years old but that its accidents give the appearance of billions of years
    >of age.

    George, isn't this just a gussied up version of the appearance of age
    argument? What is the difference between that and what Henry Morris says?


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