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Date: Thu May 09 2002 - 14:22:58 EDT

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    I would add that if we destroy or deface creation, we reduce creation's
    ability to praise and reveal the glory of God.The passenger pigeon was a
    wonderful teatimony to the abilty of God to create beauty-until a bunch of
    idiots with guns exterminated the species between 1750 and 1900.More idiots
    with guns, poision, and bulldozers are busy eliminating even more
    testimonies to the glory of God-often justifying it with more bad theology
    about God not caring for his creation, so let's deface it and destroy it.
    I believe that such people are far from the kingdom of God.

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    This post is in response to Shuan's request for comments on the letter he
    recieved dismissing environmental concerns as irrelevant to the gospel. I
    include below notes from a class I taught awhile back on stewardship at our
    church. I view stewardship as a comprehensive concept including all
    aspects of practical living and the life of the mind. This post is long,
    but I thought that most of it was relevant to the environmental issue and
    to other issues recently discussed in this forum.

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